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Blurb On Curiosity

Hudson, a 4 year old upon arrival in the centre this morning, called out, “Taokia, why are you wearing a mask?” I said, “To keep you and me safe Hudson”. He momentarily paused, looked at me and continued walking to put away his lunch box.

As a teacher, hearing a curious 4 year old wanting to know why I was wearing a mask also made me stop and think how to respond to his question. When children are curious they become eager to explore, discover and try to figure things out. It is important in the role of a teacher to enhance children’s curiosity by providing resources, materials or activities that can be used as provocation to engage and challenge their curiosity, such as blocks, water, sand and paint. Giving children lots of opportunities to play blocks, sand and water will stimulate their wonder and curiosity.

As Albert Einstein said ”I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.

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