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Muffin Time

One of our tamariki (children)'s favourite activities is baking. When the kaiako (teachers) found some extra bananas and eggs, we decided to make banana muffins.

The tamariki learned about the ingredients for banana muffins, such as flour, eggs, sugar, and vanilla extract.

Everyone was so focused on the instructions and followed what the kaiako said. It was great to see. They also shared tools beautifully and took turns, passing the bowl around once their turn was finished.

After spooning the dough into the muffin trays, I got some sparkles for a touch of joy. All of the tamariki were thrilled to choose the toppings for their muffins.

Amazingly, they remembered which muffin was theirs. How clever!

They enjoyed their muffins for afternoon tea, and it was such a pleasure to hear them say, "Yummy!"

Tino pai, tamariki ma! (Great job, children!)

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