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Our Mother's Day Celebration

Mothers day is a special day filled with aroha. Our tamariki here at Flying kiwi Preschool have been discussing what mothers day means to them. "I love when my mummy buys me things" was a comment from one child, "Mummy makes me feel better" said another. But the overall consensus was that our children love their mothers mostly for the food they make and the cuddles they give. Food and Love is the stability that grounds our children, so they may thrive. Though they are so little right now, even they know and appreciate how important these two things are.

So to our wonderful mothers, we put on an event to show you our appreciation.

It was a beautiful evening event with fine food, and great company. Time off for our busy mums to sit back and enjoy some adult conversation and get to know each other better. We had a good laugh and learnt so much more about each other's children. We played a game "How well do you know your child" and our mums took home some prizes.

We look forward to another beautiful event next year.

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