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Parenting --- Understand Your Child's Temperament (3)

Your child’s temperament might be different from yours. Some parents find that it’s easier to understand and care for a child whose temperament is similar to theirs. For example, if you like predictability, you might find it easy to care for a baby who needs regular sleeps. But if you like being able to do things whenever you want, it might take you a while to get used to your child’s liking for routine.

How temperament can change

You might see some changes in your child’s temperament as your child becomes more mature. This happens as your child’s experiences affect the way your child behaves in different situations.

For example, a child who used to be very distracted at school might become an adult who can concentrate well in business meetings. This might be because they’ve developed more motivation as they’ve matured, or because they’ve learned strategies to manage their distraction.

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