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Working Bee

On Saturday morning our amazing Makiiti family and Kiki my mokopuna came to preschool to take part in a working bee.

TJ's Nana scrubbed the walls, TJ scooped sand into the wheelbarrow, Dad wheeled the sand and poured it into the sandpit.

TJ's Aunty and Uncle poured soil in the wooden planter.

Even our teachers Alice, Amber and her son Van created the garden, planting flax, kowhai tree and red flax inside the big tyre.

TJ's Auntie and Uncle poured garden soil in the wooden planter. Everyone ate a hearty breakfast and hot yummy pizza after their hard work.

Even baby Gem and TJ's baby cousin were present too. Susan looked after baby Gem.

Many hands make light work. The preschool outdoor areas looks nice and tidy and

this will be work in progress.

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